Uptown District

The Uptown District, with its focal point on Historic Park Avenue, exudes a distinctive and vibrant atmosphere.

Uptown District in Hot Springs AR

Welcome to the Uptown District of Hot Springs

The Uptown District, with its captivating center around Historic Park Avenue, possesses an unparalleled and vibrant atmosphere that lures tourists and effortlessly captivates them, often leading to their desire to become future residents. In recent years, a remarkable transformation has taken place, breathing new life into historic buildings and giving rise to a flourishing array of businesses, resulting in an Uptown boom.

As you drive through the Uptown District today, you'll encounter brilliantly renovated motor courts from the 1950s, transformed into enchanting mid-century modern marvels. A delightful small-batch coffee roastery awaits, ready to serve you the perfect cup of java, while the proximity to next-level mountain biking trails adds an exhilarating dimension to the area. Moving further north of downtown, the Uptown District reveals a gently rolling terrain, harmoniously blending with the expansive Hot Springs National Park. This abundant natural playground offers an abundance of hiking and biking trails, inviting outdoor enthusiasts to explore and discover the wonders of the surrounding landscape.


Uptown District of Hot Springs Real Estate

The Uptown District proudly boasts an array of Hot Springs' original Bed and Breakfast estate homes, historic motels, businesses, and modest residences, all currently undergoing an invigorating period of revitalization. Uptown beautifully balances its timeless charm with a forward-thinking and progressive spirit, offering a multitude of exciting possibilities for growth. This thriving area also presents excellent investment opportunities for those seeking to capitalize on its potential. Moreover, Uptown falls within the esteemed Hot Springs School District, ensuring access to quality education for residents.

If you yearn to reside amidst architectural gems and captivating historical landmarks within Uptown Hot Springs, we encourage you to reach out to us, or explore the listings of homes for sale in the vibrant Uptown District. Together, we can uncover the perfect abode that resonates with your desires and embraces the remarkable essence of this remarkable neighborhood.


Uptown District of Hot Springs History

The illustrious city of Hot Springs holds a notable distinction as the cherished boyhood home of the 42nd President of the United States, William Jefferson Clinton. The Clinton family's residence, situated at 1011 Park Avenue, holds historical significance; however, it is not accessible for public tours. Nevertheless, you can catch a glimpse of this iconic landmark from the streets within the Uptown District of Hot Springs, paying homage to the remarkable connection between President Clinton and the city that shaped his early years.

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