Staging Your Home to Sell


The buzz word today with selling homes is staging. Staging a home can change a home's atmosphere that appeals to homebuyers, which often brings a higher price and accelerates market time. As Barb Schwarz says "The way that you live in your house and the way that you get your house ready to sell are two different things."  In a recent study conducted by StagedHomes, Professionals reported that homes that are Staged sell 31 days or less on the average across the country.  A same study revealed that homes not Staged in the market for sale take 161 days or longer to sell in today's market.  On average, Staged homes sell 80% faster than homes that are not Staged. 



Effectively staging a home for sale involves a good sense of design, balance, scale, & color–yes, but also an understanding of buyer psychology. By cleaning, decluttering, organizing, adding small decorative touches, rearranging or deleting furniture or creating vignettes - you will make all the difference in the world. The majority of buyers can't see past what is to what can be. For an extreme example of this, just watch buyers on an episode of “Property Brothers” on HGTV. 

When you're ready to sell, give us a call at least a month before you're ready to put your home on the market. We will help you to look at your house "through a buyer's eyes," as though you've never seen it before.  Depending on how much time you have available for an update, we will help you to prioritize and figure out what will give you the biggest return. 

Our goal is to work together, creating a winning team so that your home ranks number one on the buyer's list and outshines the competition.


Selling a Home in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Selling a Home in Hot Springs, Arkansas

01 General

  • Hang wreath and add welcome mat to the front door.
  • Test all lights and replace bulbs as needed.
  • Leave all lights on and all fans off.
  • Touch up paint and fill holes or scratches in walls.
  • Declutter as much as possible, removing excess furniture and family items.

02 Kitchen

  • Clear countertops of all appliances if possible.
  • Empty sinks and put away all dishes. Put all sponges, brushes and dish soap under the counter.
  • Empty garbage and move cans & bins to garage.
  • Remove all artwork and magnets from refrigerator.
  • Remove all items from the top of the fridge.
  • Put animal dishes and kennels out of sight.
  • Remove rugs, potholders, trivets and dish towels
main secondary

03 Bedrooms

  • Make beds and tidy the rooms.
  • Put all clothing, toys and valuables away.
  • Remove family photos and any inappropriate artwork.

04 Bathrooms

  • Clear countertops of all personal items.
  • Clear shower stalls and bathtubs of all personal items.
  • Clean mirrors and glass surfaces, empty garbage and hide bins.
  • Hang towels neatly and remove rugs.
  • Remove plungers and cleaning items. Keep toilet seat and lids down.

05 Exterior

  • Lawn should be freshly mowed & edged, and bushes trimmed.
  • Neatly coil hoses.
  • House numbers should be clean and visible (not faded.)
  • Pressure wash driveway.
  • Manicure gardens.
  • Move or remove any yard clutter.
  • Organize patio furniture and children's toys.

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